Kennedy: Bernie Sanders will ‘eat’ Beto O’Rourke for breakfast

I understand the appeal of almost every politician, and I also understand why most of these preening weenies want to be president, but for the life of me I do not get the attraction to Beto O'Rourke.

Hating Ted Cruz does not qualify you for the presidency, nor does the ability to fundraise off that near universal disdain in a unicorn election. The only reason Beyonce and Oprah gushed over him was the off chance Democrats could've taken back the Senate to impact Supreme Court nominees. That's pretty much it!

Beto O'Rourke speaks in annoyingly pert platitudes like some mediocre yoga instructor who promises to "build a movement". I've seen "wild, wild country" and I know how these "movements" end, and it's usually in the toilet.

Beto is banking on his sacharrine positivity as the ultimate antidote to President Trump's honest saltiness. Running against the bluster isn't enough in a good economy, and people are too self interested in their own bottom lines to be swayed by someone who drops such barf-worthy gems as "everyone is important to me!"

I don't want to be important to you, Mr. Oprah. I want someone who is going to shrink the size and reach of the Federal Government, and get it the hell out of the way to stop forcing this authoritarian climate control down my throat.

With melted vanilla candidates like Beto everything is a crisis, and like some freeballing guru he's going to point to these vague warnings and claim his Beto-ness is the only thing that can lift the nebulous curse and save humanity.

O'Rourke emphatically denied he would even run for president, and lied through his piano key teeth insisting he'd never seek the top job. What changed, and what will change in the future when he flip flops on important policy decisions when choices must be made that naturally alienate a large part of the electorate?


It will be fun when this goofy, gesticulating kook is really pushed and tested because he's a cream puff who will cave in the face of the negativity baked into our political bloodsport. Beto O'Dork is not destined for the White House, even if his white privilege convinces him he was "born to be in it". Good luck, kook. Bernie will eat you for breakfast.