Bernard Kerik: We Need Somebody in the White House That Supports Cops

The killing of two Iowa police officers in an ambush style attack mere days before the presidential election brought violence against police to the forefront of the political debate. Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik weighed in on the political fallout from the string of attacks on police officers.

“If you watch the Donald Trump statement about the two Iowa cops and you read the president’s statement, it’s completely different. You know, Donald Trump made it very clear, an attack on those two cops, the executions of those two cops is an attack on society,” Kerik told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

On the other hand, Kerik viewed President Obama as having a very different take on what is an “attack on society.”

“The only time I hear the president say anything about an attack on society is when there’s a questionable police incident.”

According to Kerik, law enforcement in America needs a stronger ally in the White House.

“We need somebody in the White House that supports the cops, gives them the benefit of the doubt when there’s a question, and makes sure they have resources and the manpower they need to do the job and secure this country.”

Kerik viewed a lack of leadership in America from the president down to city mayors as partly to blame for the low morale among police across the country.

“The cops in this country feel like they’re not being supported by the leadership. And that’s from the president on down: you know, you have governors, you have the president, you have mayors that have gone against the police, they support hate groups like Black Lives Matter and all these other groups. You know, it’s not good for the cops, they need to be supported.”