Berkeley city council declares a climate emergency

It's so bad, says the city council, that a sixth mass extinction is coming.

Life on Earth could be devastated for the next 10 million years. We must, therefore, "humanely stabilize" the human population.

Now you could say that this is so extreme that it has no relevance to political debate. It's out on the fringe: Forget it.

But the left can't say that. Extreme measures to counter climate change are central to Democrat thinking. President Barack Obama moved heaven and earth to lead the climate warriors into the Paris Agreement. And the Democrats in California have imposed draconian green regulations that have had a huge impact.

Every Democrat in November's elections should be asked about the Berkeley declaration: You agree with "humane" population cocntrol, whatever that might be? Do you think we face extinction? Should we radically alter our lives? Tell us please... We want to know what you're going to do to us, if elected!

The resolution, which the Berkeley city council adopted, calls for "a shift towards a climate resilient society and culture that prioritize conservation, community and mutual aid, over consumerism andd narcissism."

Sen. Schumer, Minority Leader Pelosi ... what say you?