Ben Carson Fires Back at New York Times Over Trump Report

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is taking on the New York Times after the newspaper published an extensive report about how presumptive nominee Donald Trump has allegedly acted with women in private.

“It’s disappointing when you see that some of our major media is so dishonest, but of course we all know that they are – that’s why they don’t rank very highly amongst the populace anymore in terms of honesty and trust,” Carson told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Carson then weighed in on why he feels there needs to be a shift in how the media covers stories.

“They should be working to be honest, decent, informed people about what’s really going on, not manipulating the situation, not choose sides. That’s the reason that they’re the only business in America protected by our Constitution. I’m sure that they probably wouldn’t have been if people realized what they were going to become. But I appeal to some of the young people in the press to bring some integrity back to the profession,” said Carson.

Bartiromo pressed Carson on perceptions of Trump’s dealings with women and his use of name calling against them.

“Probably you, probably me, wouldn’t do that, wouldn’t use those terms. But then again, we’re different people. Everybody’s different and in a perfect world no one would do things like that, no question about it, but we’re not in a perfect world. Right now we’re in a terrible world,” Carson said.

But while Carson points to changes he feels are necessary in the media, he also acknowledges freedom of the press is still an important part of the Constitution that should be protected.

“Without question we need it. But I’m just calling on the press themselves to rise above the temptation to have an agenda and to try to manipulate people and instead do what you’re supposed to do, which is inform the people,” said Carson.