Aviation Subcommittee Chair LoBiondo Blasts FAA Hiring Practices

In an interview with FBN’s Neil Cavuto, Aviation Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Frank LoBiondo talked about the controversy surrounding the FAA’s hiring practices, which was first exposed in a FOX Business Network report.

In the wake of a recent near-miss at Chicago Midway International Airport, the New Jersey Congressman told Cavuto:  “It’s an incredible safety concern… what we’re dealing with here is a shortage of air traffic controllers. We had a process by which to provide candidates, who were very well-qualified, who were spending a lot of money on their own… and the FAA has apparently decided to arbitrarily abandon that process. And now when you add onto it the cheating scandal, which clearly is a huge problem, and an FAA official who is trying to pretend it’s not part of what they have to worry about… that’s ludicrous,” he said.

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LoBiondo added that he will not give up on the investigation into the hiring practices controversy.

“I can promise you from the Aviation Subcommittee that we’re not about to let this go.”

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