Astronomers discover how gold was created

Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku on Thursday explained how scientists were able to figure how gold was created.

Astronomers recently discovered that all gold, platinum and silver in the universe was created by the collision of two neutron stars over 130 million years ago.

“We now know from the gravitational-wave detector it comes from the collision of two neutron stars. Small dead stars, they are like black hole wannabes. If they were bigger they would turn into a black hole, but they are too small and when they collide that provides the energy necessary to cook the higher elements like platinum and gold,” he told FOX Business’ Kennedy on “Kennedy.”

The scientists that made this discovery were the same ones that won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of gravitational waves.

“The amount of gold that came out of it was equivalent to ten Earths,” Kaku said.

Kaku also said that it is “conceivable” that gold and platinum could be found on other planets as well.