AR-15 is America’s rifle, it shouldn’t be banned: Rifle group CEO

The CEO of a pro-Second Amendment organization says banning AR-15s is not the answer to America’s gun control debate.

“The AR-15 rifle is America’s rifle,” AR-15 Gun Owners of America CEO Chris Waltz said to FOX Business’ Charles Payne on “Varney & Co.”

The popular AR-15 rifle is at the center of the gun control debate after the Broward County , Fla., school massacre. The suspect, Niklaus Cruz, who was expelled from high school for violent behavior, posted disturbing images of guns and knives on social media and was able to legally purchase the semi-automatic weapon that he used to gun down and kill 17 people.

However, Waltz argued AR-15s are used for a number of different things from hunting to personal protection and should not be part of the discussion.

“They are used responsibly by folks throughout the nation,” Waltz said. “It’s not the weapon that was used it was the person behind the weapon.”