Antifa uses ISIS-like tactics, YouTube stars Diamond and Silk say

Pro-Trump YouTube stars Diamond and Silk said Monday Antifa should be labelled as a terror group.

“The tactics that they [Antifa] are using are out of ISIS’s playbook. We don’t need Antifa acting like ISIS in our country. They wear black masks like ISIS. They go around here bloodying up people, beating people up, intimidating [and] manipulating in order to dominate. That’s an ISIS-like ideology to us. They need to be deemed a terror group just like the KKK and the neo-Nazis,” Diamond told FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald on “Risk & Reward.”

Diamond and Silk both agree that Antifa shouldn’t be allowed to interrupt any of President Trump’s rallies.

“You cannot go in and disrupt and interrupt his freedom of speech. That should be a crime and against the law,” Diamond said. “They don’t like the way you speak or what you speak about and they think they have a right to come and police speech. They do not and they need to be stopped.”