Anti-Terror Activist Equates Cuba to Iran Deal

Not everyone is happy about establishing a relationship with Cuba. In 1975, anti-terrorist advocate Joseph Connor’s father was killed in a bombing by Puerto Rican nationalists in New York City -- and the chief bomb maker, William Morales,  was granted asylum in Cuba-- but this isn’t the only reason Connor is against the U.S. deal with Cuba.

In an interview with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, he said "we need to seek justice.

We have the most powerful country in the world… and we get nothing out of our negotiation-- it’s not even negotiation, its capitulation. It’s very similar to what we have done in Iran."

Connor argues the relationship the U.S. is working to create with Cuba is very “one sided.”

“There’s been no give on the Cuban side. As a matter of fact as we are negotiating this they are saying they want reparations for the United States. They owe us $8 billion in seizure of our assets… creating a relationship with a person or a country is not one sided -- we have to get something back—bringing Morales back and he’s low-hanging fruit in Cuba right now,” he said.

Connor says President Obama’s deal with Cuba is a “capitulation.”

“We should have never gone down this path without demanding justice… The President doesn’t negotiate at all… You have goals in mind and they you negotiate to reach those goals… and in this case and in the case of Iran -- the goal has been the agreement, not something that’s tangibly good for our country,” he said.