Amid anti-Trump text scandal, Ex-FBI official calls for probe into Mueller investigation

News of FBI agent Peter Strzok’s removal from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation due to his anti-Trump texts has raised concerns over the politicization of the probe and the FBI itself.  Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson weighed in on Strzok’s texts, telling the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “The text messages themselves, standing alone, are very troublesome and frankly sickening to those of us who served the FBI or still do.”

But Coulson sees Strzok’s behavior as even worse when looked at in a broader context.

“What’s really worse though Stuart, is the context of them, when you put them in the context of ‘this is the man that ran the investigation of Hillary Clinton, gave her a total pass, acquiesced to no grand jury, conducted a weak, feckless, sophomoric investigation that gave her a pass.’”

Coulson says the FBI is a reputable agency that has been tarnished by former FBI Director James Comey.

“The FBI is not a corrupt institution. Jim Comey and his minions brought the question of corruption into play with regards to the FBI.”

“To have them do what they did, to conduct an investigation like this calls into question the very credibility and independence of the FBI and that’s what’s sickening about it.  The FBI agents want to do their job, they’re non-political with regard to how they conduct their investigations, but the bottom line is this really needs to be, there needs to be, an inquiry here.”

Coulson then called for an investigation into the special counsel, but not with a second special counsel.

“I would be perfectly happy, and I think it’s happening now, [with] the Inspector General [Michael Horowitz], the Department of Justice is looking into this.  That’s how this all came to the front, that he found these text messages, he looked at them.”