America’s return to prosperity biggest story of year, possibly decade: Varney

The media is supposed to inform the public. It is not doing its job. Instead, "the news" is skewed towards anything that damages the president.

For example: Lanny Davis, the Clinton lawyer and apologist. He told the world Trump knew in advance of the Russian hacking of the Democrats. Sensational, but wrong. Davis has now had to admit he can't confirm the story he had come up with. He "regrets the error.” Oh, really? But the damage was done.

CNN, the “Clinton News Network,” had trumpeted Davis' claims because they thought they had a smoking gun. We haven't heard much about Davis' "error." Ironic isn't it, that the Clinton lawyer, appears on the “Clinton News Network,” to re-visit the Clinton election loss.

Example two: The market and the economy. If you watch this program, you know the world of money is on fire. Record highs for stocks. Best growth rate in a decade. Lowest unemployment in a generation. That’s big news. It affects everyone, in a positive way. Did you see that on the evening news? Did you read it in your news feed? Probably not. If there's anything positive for Trump, it’s edited out or ignored.

Think about this: The biggest story of the year, if not the decade, is America’s return to prosperity. But it’s glossed over. Instead, you have Lanny Davis forced down your throat so he can keep the impeachment story alive. The media turns an economic triumph into a terrible week for the president. They are deliberately avoiding doing their job.

Last item: Pew reports that the audience for the network's evening news shows dropped 7 percent over the last year. No wonder!