America’s immigration system is crafted by cowards: Kennedy

US immigration system is broken: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on the cost of sending the National Guard to the southern border and the problems with America’s immigration system.

That caravan is causing quite a stir, and it's giving the president an opportunity to build a symbolic wall of National Guard troops on the Southern border. Now, instead of talking about DACA or immigration quotas or wall seed money, we are caught up quibbling about a thousand travelers who are held hostage between activism and authoritarianism. None of it does any good.

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Let's start with where these wanderers started -- mostly in Central America -- and why they left. They've been squashed between socialism and narco terror in once beautiful hellholes that have devolved into asylee launching pads. Governments and prisons in places like El Salvador and Honduras are overrun with corrupt black marketers who only care about their own interests and feeding the endless demand for drugs in America. Cutting off their supply chain is fruitless and deadly, so they stay in power and helpless people flee for America’s once open arms.

If it's expensive to fund the National Guard to supply border agents with Band-Aids and back rubs, it's even costlier to fuel the entitlement state that props up some asylum seekers. You cannot have both open immigration and financial safety nets for non-citizens, yet Democrats want both, Republicans want neither and an all-or-nothing proposition is a losing one.

We are right to constantly ask what is the function of government, of our government, and that includes our broken immigration system that's crafted by cowards who are too terrified of being voted out of their ivory towers to do anything meaningful about it.

People should be free to move about the world, but not when they are infringing on your freedom by zapping resources that should have never been under the ripped and soggy umbrella of government. You'd be hard pressed to pick where they've failed more: letting them in or keeping them out.

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