Americans Experiencing ‘Conspiracy Fatigue’ Over Clinton Scandals?

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) weighed in on the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons’ latest among a list of scandals over the years.

“It is pay-to-play and it’s all about leverage. How do you get what you want if you can’t get it through regular means? Then you go around it,” Kelly told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne.

Kelly then pointed out a double-standard in how America views Olympic athletes compared to how it views presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton.

“This is a sad day for America. We hold our Olympic athletes to a higher standard than somebody running for the highest office in the world.”

When Payne pointed out one theory that has been proposed that Americans have “conspiracy fatigue” and have become unaffected by all the Clinton scandals, Kelly responded: “We know that 1.4 million Americans in uniform have given their lives [so] that those of us today can enjoy this model of government that we have. Whenever Americans sit back and say ‘I guess we’re just going to have to accept this type of behavior,’ then we are turning our back on that great sacrifice by all those people.”

Kelly then voiced his frustration that the Clintons’ behavior continues to be tolerated.

“I can’t imagine people sitting back now saying ‘this is just the way government runs.’ This is not the way government runs. This is a double-standard where the Clintons are always above the law. The Clintons do things differently and they become emboldened each time they escape.”