Alec Baldwin raises more than $5M for New Jersey Democrats

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Actor and television personality Alec Baldwin stumped for New Jersey Democrats on Thursday night, helping the state party rake in $5.1 million, believed to be the highest amount ever raised by either major party at a single event in the state, according to event organizers.

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Around 1,000 people paid $2,500 each to attend the potentially record-setting event, which was hosted by the General Majority PAC, according to The political action committee is devoted to electing Democratic state legislators in order to “build middle class economy and security,” according to the group’s Twitter page.

Each of the 120 seats in the New Jersey state legislature, along with the governor’s seat that currently belongs to Republican Gov. Chris Christie, will be on the table in the November election.

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In the 2016 election, Republicans swept up seats in state legislatures across the country, bringing totals to a record high. Currently, conservatives control 4,170 seats and 67 of the 98 partisan legislative chambers.

Baldwin, widely known for his sarcastic portrayal of President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live," has made no secret of his disdain for the president off-screen as well. On Thursday he tweeted from his Alec Baldwin Foundation account about the White House’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

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