Alan Dershowitz Blasts Obama Over UN’s Israeli Settlements Vote

Attorney Alan Dershowitz had harsh words for President Obama, following the United States’ decision to abstain from vetoing a United Nations vote that condemns Israeli settlements and states that the Western Wall is in occupied territory.

“It goes right to the heart of Jewish Jerusalem. It says Jews can’t pray at the holiest site in Judaism, they can’t attend Hebrew University,” Dershowitz said, adding that Obama had Israel’s back, but “as a target.”

The Harvard Law professor emeritus said many U.S. politicians and even members of the Obama administration oppose the UN resolution.

“This is a personal thing…this is Barack Obama, the lame duck president, undemocratically, with no checks and balances, at a time when Congress is out of session, just getting even. Letting his passion prevail over policy,” Dershowitz said.

President-elect Donald Trump, promised in a tweet last Friday that “things will be different after Jan. 20th,” regarding the United Nations under his tenure in the White House. Dershowitz said Trump won’t be able to undo the UN’s resolution.

“President [Obama] tied the hands of his successors by making it impossible—you can’t undo failing to give a veto,” he said. “What he can do is undo its impact by declaring that it is American policy, that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem and moving the embassy there.”

Dershowitz added that he heard America’s role in the resolution was “far more active” than the government has claimed.