Al Franken is drunk on power: Kennedy

We are seeing a double standard at work when it comes to sexual harassment. As the private sector quickly disposes of pederasts and perverts, why can't politics do the same thing?

That very issue forced New York Democratic congresswoman Kathleen Rice to take a stand against her own party

That question was aimed squarely at delusional dotard Nancy Pelosi, who defended dinosaur perv John Conyers when she could've asked him to resign Sunday morning.

Well now Nancy Schmancy has so much egg on her face she could make an omelette and finally she asked Conyers to step aside today.

In the private sector, market forces naturally act on unnatural predators to ostracize or fire them when the evidence stacks up like firewood.

But in D.C., people like Al Franken are so drunk on power they'll never let go and, we're the ones with a hangover.

Charlie Rose goes, but Roy Moore's name stays on the ballot because there's no mechanism to de-creep D.C.

Who knows where this will lead or whose head is the next to roll in the basket after meeting the swift blade of mob justice, but it's not too much to ask for consistent standards from the kooks who rob us blind for a living.