After meeting Trump, Kim Kardashian could spark criminal justice reform: Kennedy

Superfluous porn star and cultural gadfly Kim Kardashian is using her ubiquity for good as lil’ Kim summit week rolls on.

Mrs. Kanye is employing her considerable digital heft to throw her weight behind the presidential pardoning of a 63-year-old grandmother who's rotting in prison for a first-time drug offense.

Of an augmented backside as Kim is keeping up with Jared Kushner's pet project, releasing non-violent offenders from their immoral cages through prison reform.

It is not unusual for celebrity appendices to champion popular and lost causes to seem selfless and human, both qualities that hardly apply to the Kim we've grown to know and sometimes loathe. Alice Johnson is hardly Mumia Abu-Jamal or Leonard Peltier, and by retweeting her story and raising awareness about the untold number of grandmothers and other helpless shackled meatsacks out there, Ms. Kardashian may actually be using her brand for some lasting good.

For one, she's being specific and empathetic about one person, not giving a vague and changing list of grievances like useless Colin Kaepernick who can go choke on a festivus pole as far as I care.

If Kim Kardashian is the spark that starts a criminal justice reform wildfire, then more power to her influential bic. If not, she can get off her soapbox and resume taking Instagram shots of her curious keister.

There is one rule of celebrity activism: Their precious new views are mostly ridiculous and discountable, unless I agree with them. And in this case Kim K is not only worth listening to, she might deserve a cabinet post when Betsy DeVos quits.