Actress Janine Turner: If You Don't Agree With Hollywood Liberals 'You Won't Get Work'

Conservative actress Janine Turner says if you don’t agree with Hollywood’s liberal agenda, you might be out of a job.

“You won’t get work if you do not toe the line,” Turner told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

The 2005 Golden Globes co-host and three-time nominee, best known for her role as Maggie O’Connell in the 90s television series “Northern Exposure,” said liberal Hollywood makes it uncomfortable for Conservatives and others who have different political viewpoints.

“The fact that Meryl Streep and all these people can get up there and they can say these things—it’s a one-way street,” she said. “Can you imagine if one of us got up at the Golden Globes and started talking about in a positive way about [President-elect] Donald Trump or in a negative way about President Obama?  We would be ostracized.”

Streep slammed Trump during her Golden Globes speech when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

“For those who love freedom of speech,” Turner said, “it’s pretty ironic.”