A US war with North Korea would be like no other: Harry Kazianis

A U.S. war with North Korea would be like no other, according to Harry Kazianis, director of studies at the Center for National Interest.

“The challenge here is that the American people are vigilant people but we have not fought a war on the scale that North Korea would bring to us really since World War II,” Kazianis told Maria Bartiromo Friday on Mornings with Maria.

His comments come on the heels of North Korea launching its second missile in less than a month over Japan. According to Kazianis, in addition to nuclear weapons, North Korea “probably” has an arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

“Some of the [nastiest] horrific weapons you can think of,” he said and added that the Hermit Kingdom also has over 11,000 artillery tubes pointed at Seoul.

“That’s a capital with 25 million people,” he said.  “Imagine a war with North Korea, if they fire just a few hundred artillery shells into downtown Seoul, started knocking off skyscrapers. Imagine a situation that’s 10 or 15 9/11’s. That’s what we are facing.”