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A Spade Is no Longer a Spade in America


They're not taxes, they're revenues.

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They're not boondoggles, they're strategic investments.

And the folks pushing them aren't con artists... they're... well, concerned.

Get the picture. Whole new picture. Whole new language.

Like ISIS. Not Muslim extremists, try JV team with sharp knives.

I crassly kid, but to make this very crass point: President Obama is not only changing the debate, he's eliminating the very words and terms that define that debate.

Take "illegals."

He says, more like "Americans in waiting." Much better, right.

And it even beats Nancy Pelosi's "undocumented aliens." That one sounded soo.... "Steven Spielberg'ish," don't you think?

That's what happens when lawyers come together and rejigger the words to rejigger the debate.

Because this is the same crowd that nixed "global warming" for "climate change." That one was brilliant, because you can never go wrong saying the climate's changing... it always is.

Just like you can seriously call trimming the growth in entitlement spending a "cut," when you're actually cutting nothing... and then bash the guy who's doing the trimming and say he's throwing grannie off a cliff.

All these guys are off their rockers.

How can you solve a problem if you mask the very words that define a problem?

I guess it's why we keep giving worker permits to folks who shouldn't be here, then sign 'em up for refunds we say they're due because, well... they've been here for a lot of years.

Wow. What's next. When ISIS storms into this country, what'll we call them? "Emotionally challenged non-Americans who just need a hug?"

Give. Me. A. Break.

This is "literally" cutting America to ...the... core.

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