A cabal of Trump haters in charge of investigating Hillary were scared of a Trump win: Varney

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Oh so true: Expose the germ to kill it.

We should be doing exactly that with those entrenched Democrats, deep-state people, who tried to swing the election to Hillary. And when that failed, they set about undermining Donald Trump, the president they hate.

We need a little sunlight on the meeting in "Andy's office" in august 2016. "Andy" being Andrew McAbe, the Deputy FBI Director...remember Peter Strzok's text...."I want to believe the path you threw out in Andy's office.... That there's no way (Trump) gets elected, but I'm afraid we can't take that risk".

Really!  What did you all propose to do in your meeting? What were you planning to stop trump's election? Sounds like a plot to me....McAbe was and still is, the number 2 official at the FBI....his wife, a Democrat, received big bucks for her election campaign from Clinton people.

By the way, shortly after the meeting in "Andy's office" Strzok changed the language in the FBI's report, and got Hillary off the legal hook.

What is this? A co-incidence?

No... It reeks to high heaven of direct interference in the presidential election. A cabal of Trump haters, supposedly in charge of investigating Hillary, scared of a Trump win...ah! They couldn't take that risk!

Let’s repeat a fundamental point of democracy: There can be no political bias in the investigation of wrong-doing in government. We the people must have confidence in our institutions.

What we're seeing unfold here, is a stain on our democracy.