4 to Watch: Would a Larry Summers Fed Chair Be Good for Big Banks?

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1. Larry Summers Most Likely to Be Next Fed Chairman?

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Cato Institute senior fellow Gerald O’Driscoll doesn’t believe there would be a big difference in fiscal policy between Larry Summers and Janet Yellen, but he does think there could be a difference when it comes to regulatory policy.  O’Driscoll says Summers is perceived to be pro-large financial institutions, which are currently getting roughed up by regulators. But FBN’s Melissa Francis points out that Summers can be unpredictable – so will this move really be good for the big banks?

2. Getting Young People Involved in the Markets

FBN’s Charles Payne says it’s especially hard for young people to break into the market. Aeronautical engineer Laia Barbara and digital advertising account executive Peter Sundry join Payne to discuss why they want to get involved in investing, and what’s holding them back.

3. U.S. Lacking Clear Objectives in Syria?

FNC military analyst Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, USAF (Ret.) joins Lori Rothberg to discuss the United States’ end game in Syria, and asks: Who are we supporting? Lt. Gen. McInerney says the U.S. doesn’t know which rebels to support, and whether the objective should be to take out chemical weapons or main ground forces in the country.

4. Is the Immigration Bill Full of Pork?

FBN’s Neil Cavuto says at over 1,200 pages, the Senate immigration bill is full of pork, like $50 million for organizations aimed at serving immigrants. Republican Strategist Ryan Girdusky says the Senate should junk the whole bill, and that killing the immigration bill won’t irreparably damage the Republican Party in the eyes of Hispanic voters.

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