4 to Watch: The Government Shutdown’s Market Impact

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1. Mark Cuban fights SEC over insider trading charges

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Mark Cuban is known for his brash personality, says FBN’s Melissa Francis, but can he be equally bold facing the SEC? Stansberry research analyst Frank Curzio says Cuban’s insider-trading case doesn’t seem to be going well for the investor, and he might be faced with a $2 million fine.

2. Is ObamaCare sustainable?

With the ObamaCare exchanges opening today, the question remains: Will they work? Former CMS Administrator Tom Scully believes ObamaCare will work, but the big issue is that it will be really expensive for the government.

3. A shutdown’s market impact

UBS Financial Services Managing Director Jonathan Murray says if history is any guide, the market will basically shrug off the government shutdown. More importantly, he says the following twelve months after a government shutdown has seen gains.

4. Is there a risk of a prolonged government shutdown?

Sen. John Hoeven, (R-ND) on whether Democrats and Republicans can find a middle ground when it comes to negotiating on the CR. And with the debt ceiling coming up, Sen. Hoeven says it’s even more important for politicians to start compromising.

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