‘Adulting’ classes helping people learn basic life skills

With mounting concerns over young people graduating from high school and college without basic life skills like paying taxes, budgeting and searching for a job, the University of California, Berkeley is aiming to counter this issue and is introducing a new student-run class called "Adulting."

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“I think it’s great. I think most universities, high schools, even grade schools are trying to figure out why we graduate without knowing basic stuff, how to manage your student loans,” EverFi founder and CEO Tom Davidson told FOX Business “Mornings with Maria” on Friday.

According to Davidson, until now many young people have been stuck learning life skills by trial and error once they leave school.

“They’re dealing with these things that they’re going to deal with in life -- how to pay your mortgage, how stocks are traded, how you ding your credit, how you build it back up -- none of us learn this stuff when we’re coming out of school and we learn it by mistakes over time,” he said.

Davidson says EverFi's curriculum teaches many of these skills, all funded by the private sector.


“We run everything from second graders up to colleges and beyond, team with the private sector to bring these skills. We built really interesting games and social media interactive components that allow you to go through simulations. You tear down your credit, you default on your student loan, you get your first job, file your first W-2, file your first taxes, these are things that are just left out -- schools don't have any money to pay for it,” Davidson said.