These are the top DIY projects Americans are trying, according to CraftJack

More Americans are doing DIY projects to save money, according to a survey

A look at the most popular DIY projects, and how much Americans are spending.  (iStock)

Many Americans have done a home renovation project since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some said they chose to do it themselves in order to save money, according to a survey from CraftJack.

Nearly three quarters (73%) of Americans said they have done a DIY project since March 2020, and spent an average of 45 hours working on those projects, according to the survey. The average cost per year came out to $1,692.46.

The No. 1 reason Americans chose to do a project themselves was to save money by not hiring a professional, with 44% of respondents answering in this way. Another 31% said it was for a sense of pride and accomplishment while 29% said spending more time at home made them want to.

But not all projects went well. About 8% of those who attempted a DIY project said they had regrets about it. The survey also said that 16% were unable to finish their project due to supply chain issues and 27% were unable to finish their project overall. Some DIY attempters (about 13%) said they ended up calling a professional for assistance and 29% said they broke something while attempting their project. 

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Top DIY projects

The top DIY project in the U.S. since March 2020 was painting, according to the survey. This was followed by replacing faucets and shower heads, shelving, building storage organization and installing curtains.

CraftJack also considered Google search results, which it said indicated that Americans were also concerned with the outside of their homes. The most Googled term for projects was a greenhouse, CraftJack said. This was followed by search terms such as floating shelves, raised garden beds and compost bins.

"While many are looking to upgrade the inside of their home, it’s clear from these results that outdoor projects are a priority too," CraftJack stated.

Some projects, in particular, became more popular near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them were DIY fire pits, which saw a 1,588% surge in Google searches between January 2020 and April 2020, CraftJack said. Similarly, during this period, searches for DIY wallpaper increased 81%, DIY shelves increased 83% and DIY room decor increased 174%.

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Popular DIY projects vary by state

The most popular DIY projects varied significantly by state over the past two years, CraftJack said. For example, Google search terms showed that those along the East Coast were interested in how to build a fire pit, whereas Americans in the Northwest were more interested in greenhouses. 

Fire pits were the most popular item, with 14 states searching for it the most. This was followed by wallpaper projects, which was the most searched for in 10 states. Faux leather wallpaper was also a popular trend in some locations.

When looking at individual cities, New York City residents were interested in tile tables, while those in Seattle searched for bee houses, CraftJack said. And in four cities, the top search result was comic book wallpaper.

"Although DIY home projects can be a huge commitment in time, energy, and money, it’s likely still cheaper than hiring a professional (as long as you finish it yourself, and don’t break anything in the process)," CraftJack said in its analysis.

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