Find out how your salary compares to more than 1,000 companies

Salaries and wages have always been a hot-button issue no matter what industry you may work in.

From gender to executive pay gaps, many workers are always curious about where they stand in comparison to others. And, while your salary really depends on where you live, with the average American income varying by state, an updated chart by The Wall Street Journal can help you determine where your pay actually stands among more than 1,380 companies across the country.

For the second year in a row, a majority of U.S. publicly traded companies such as Amazon, JPMorgan and Walmart have disclosed how much their employees earn on average and, more importantly, how that pay compares with its CEO's salary.

The employee-pay disclosure was first mandated by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act after the 2008 financial crisis to help shareholders get intel on executive-compensation practices at major U.S. firms. However, last March was the first time U.S. publicly traded firms were required under federal regulations to divulge the information along with its CEO's pay and the ratio between the two.

The Journal then took that data from MyLogIQ and created a chart across key industry sectors such as energy, tech, finance, health care, industrials and consumers to help workers find out where they stand.


MyLogIQ collected median pay data from more than 1,380 companies using securities filings and annual proxy statements.

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