A budgeteer’s guide to New Year’s Eve

More than 20 percent of Americans are expected to spend $200 or more on New Year’s Eve festivities this year, according to new study.

But your location may have a lot to do with how much you spend and whether you’re staying home this year or traveling.

So, if you’re looking to start the year on a budget, you may want to head to these cities for the cheapest deals, according to data from personal financial website WalletHub.

Cities with the lowest average wine prices

1.      Indianapolis, Indiana

2.      Boise, Idaho

3.      Phoenix, Arizona

4.      Mesa, Arizona

5.      Chandler, Arizona

6.      Gilbert, Arizona

Cities with the lowest prices for three-star hotel rooms on New Year’s Eve

1.      Memphis, Tennessee

2.      Louisville, Kentucky

3.      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

4.      Tulsa, Oklahoma

5.      Kansas City, Missouri

6.      Virginia Beach, Virginia

Cities with the lowest average prices per New Year’s Eve party ticket

1.      Virginia Beach, Virginia

2.      Durham, North Carolina

3.      Winston-Salem, North Carolina

4.      Portland, Oregon

5.      Tampa, Florida

Cheapest cities overall for New Year’s Eve

1.      Gilbert, Arizona

2.      Tulsa, Oklahoma

3.      Virginia Beach, Virginia

4.      Tampa, Florida

5.      Birmingham, Alabama