Suzanne Zionts

Beauty Business Bright Spots in Down Economy

Two companies in the beauty industry are proving that, by targeting a niche customer base, maintaining attractive price points and sticking to what they know best, a downturn can be an opportunity for growth.  

The Group Coupon Conundrum for Small Business

Bargain-hungry consumers continue to gobble up daily deal offerings, but the cost of getting new clients in the door at a heavily discounted price may not be the right financial choice for every small business.

Candy Stores Take On Recession

Opening a candy store in a recession may seem like a tricky proposition, but some California-based entrepreneurs might have found a sweet spot in a sour economy.

Greatest Gifts of 2011 for Small Business

With the economic recovery seemingly stuck in neutral, 2011 was a tough year for many small business owners. But 2011 had it's bright spots through the economic storm clouds. Here's what small businesses across the nation say were the highlights of their year.

How to Green the Workplace

How to gain a competitive edge -- and consequentially save some 'green' -- while greening your small business.