Kim Ann Zimmerman

Got a Good Business Idea? Here's How You'll Know

There is no shortage of business ideas, but so few get off the ground. What separates the long-lasting endeavors from those that have a quick expiration date? BusinessNewsDaily spoke to some experts to get a read on the factors that are common in business ideas that take off.

Nine Tax Tasks to Do Before February 29

With just weeks to go, small business owners are feeling the tax crunch. BusinessNewsDaily checked in with tax experts about the outstanding chores that need to be done by the end of February to satisfy Uncle Sam

Five Technologies Your Business Should Be Using

Do you rely on your teenager to clue you in on the latest technology? Chances are they are on top of the trends, but they aren't necessarily the ones that will help your business. Here's a look at some innovations that you can use to promote your business but may not know about.