Chris Versace

Opinion: LEADS Act Can Save U.S. Innovation

With cloud computing becoming commonplace, the federal government is seeking to place every byte of data on the Internet under its jurisdiction, a power-grab that should concern every American and every foreigner using an American corporation for computer services. 

Putting Washington and the Music Industry Under the Microscope

What should be an exciting growth industry for investors, the music industry is being threatened on multiple fronts. While some would be quick to think the music industry is battling technology companies, they are merely the delivery mechanism for the content that consumers are opting for in a format they are increasingly choosing.

How to Profit from Cyber Pain

Given the confluence of several factors including the near-unquenchable thirst for mobile connectivity, social media and the Cloud along with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, one of the growing pain points that we all face is cyber attacks.