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Kraft Foods Can Bring Home the Bacon for Investors

If you simply assumed that oil prices were the only culprit behind the deflation we are seeing then you’d be missing something. Food prices declined 1.6% in February after declining 1.1% in January. That’s the third consecutive monthly decline in food prices we’ve seen.

Use This Week's Wall Street Dip to Snap Up Quality Deals

In the wake of a meltdown on Wall Street, looming moves to the upside in interest rates, and weak economic data, your investing strategy should be to connect the dots, build your shopping list and be prepared to snap up shares of quality companies at favorable prices.

Putting Washington and the Music Industry Under the Microscope

What should be an exciting growth industry for investors, the music industry is being threatened on multiple fronts. While some would be quick to think the music industry is battling technology companies, they are merely the delivery mechanism for the content that consumers are opting for in a format they are increasingly choosing.

Opinion: LEADS Act Can Save U.S. Innovation

With cloud computing becoming commonplace, the federal government is seeking to place every byte of data on the Internet under its jurisdiction, a power-grab that should concern every American and every foreigner using an American corporation for computer services. 

Playing Snow and Cold Pain for Quick Gains

Pain points be they short or longer term in duration represent great investments if you identify those poised to profit from the pain. With an eye on the winter storms and ensuing Arctic cold, here’s a look at some potential winners and victims.

Positioning Recent Layoffs Announcements in Bigger Economic Picture

Over the last two weeks, much as been said over the state of the global economy. If you’ve been listening, you would think the U.S. is doing just fine despite a somewhat better-than-stagnant eurozone, and what’s shaping up to look like a contracting economy in China.

3 Takeaways from Cisco's Cyber Security Report

In order to profit from greater and needed spending, investors must understand the shifting dynamic underway in cyber attacks and how that impacts both the way victims, both corporate and individual, need to respond. 

Does a Samsung-Blackberry Deal Even Make Sense?

There are merits to a marriage between Samsung and BlackBerry, so while BlackBerry denied the reports, the looming question is still whether BlackBerry's board sees that same potential?