Seana Smith

Business Lessons From the Gridiron

Pro-football player- turned-restaurateur Crawford Ker said he used lessons he learned on the gridiron to build his business. 

Fighting Disease With Fashion, Angela & Roi Style

When you buy a bag from Angela & Roi, you’re not just walking away with a new accessory, you’re also giving back. The startup fashion company is a lifestyle brand with a philanthropic purpose.

Rent the Runway: A Retail Revolution

Rent the Runway is revolutionizing the fashion industry, making runway clothing a reality for mass consumers. The concept is simple; it allows women to rent luxury dresses, accessories and handbags at a fraction of the cost for a few days at a time.

Ebola Fears Cost NYC Businesses $70K, and Counting

New York City, the most densely populated city in the United States with 8.4 million residents, saw its first diagnosis of Ebola this month.  Last week, Dr. Craig Spencer, who recently returned from Guinea, tested positive for the disease. Beyond the health impact, local businesses say they are also taking a hit.

How Much Is Super Bowl XLIX Worth to Arizona?

Phoenix welcomes football fans from across the country to its city this weekend for Super Bowl XLIX. The showdown between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks is expected to attract 100,000 visitors to the region—but will the big game give the host city a financial boost?

The Price to Attend All-Star Weekend

Tickets to the widely-watched events are largely restricted for the fifth year in a row, and as a result, prices are soaring on the secondary market.