Ned Smith

Investors Look to Retailers to 'Rightsize'

When a large chain retailer opens a new store, consumers usually welcome the addition to their local shopping landscape. That kind of expansion, though, is usually viewed more skeptically by investors. 

Can You Make a Fortune With Freebies?

If you’ve got a new product or service that you’re trying to sell, you may want to think about giving it away to begin with. In a new survey, 42 percent of consumers said they pay for new products and services after they’ve experienced them for free. The so-called "freemium" business model is the way a pantheon of marquee brands, from to Words with Friends, first gained traction in the marketplace.

Social Marketing to Moms Requires Precision Content

If your business is targeting mothers online, you'd better have a social media marketing plan. At this point, it’s practically unheard of for moms not to use social media. But you need to be spot-on with your content, experts say.

Why Can't Social Business Apps Be More Professional?

Scrape away the paint and chrome from most social applications for business and what you usually find is a pale derivative of a personal social site like Facebook. Though these mockingbird sites have become a corporate staple, businesses report their social initiatives usually go nowhere.

Out-of-Office Workers Feel Out of Touch

In spite of increased business adoption of iPads and smartphones for mobile workers, out-of-office workers still have problems getting the job done when they're on the road. Poor access to collaboration tools may be to blame, a new survey shows. Being out of office often means being out of touch with key data and key colleagues.

Like it or Not, BYOD is Here to Stay

Bring your own device to work (BYOD) shows no signs of going away in the corporate world, despite security concerns, a new survey shows.  But heavy-handed efforts by corporations to shore up security by using mobile device management software are encountering pushback from IT professionals — the very ones tasked with securing corporate data.

Where Office Romances Blossom Most

There’s at least one workplace activity that’s in no danger of being outsourced any time soon — the office romance. A majority of workers worldwide report that romantic relationships occur in the workplace from time to time, according to a new study. And most employees embrace the idea of on-the-job romance.