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Entrepreneur, USA: Where Most Business Owners Come From

Unless you've been off the grid for the past few weeks, you've surely had at least one encounter with the movie trailer for "The Great Gatsby," Hollywood's latest attempt to wrap its head around the great American entrepreneurial dream.

The Changing Role of the CIO

The next time you attend a management meeting and try to pick out the chief information officer (CIO), don't waste your time looking for someone wearing a beanie cap with a propeller.

Why Can't Social Business Apps Be More Professional?

Scrape away the paint and chrome from most social applications for business and what you usually find is a pale derivative of a personal social site like Facebook. Though these mockingbird sites have become a corporate staple, businesses report their social initiatives usually go nowhere.

Social Marketing to Moms Requires Precision Content

If your business is targeting mothers online, you'd better have a social media marketing plan. At this point, it’s practically unheard of for moms not to use social media. But you need to be spot-on with your content, experts say.

Social Media Influencing Green Buying

If you’re hoping to woo true environmentalists with your green products or services, you should aim for social media tactics that target younger people, who have larger social circles and are more prone to take action, according to Mintel, a company that tracks trends worldwide.

Investors Look to Retailers to 'Rightsize'

When a large chain retailer opens a new store, consumers usually welcome the addition to their local shopping landscape. That kind of expansion, though, is usually viewed more skeptically by investors. 

The New American Dream: Fame & Fortune

The siren call of the American dream may not be as powerful as it once was, but we are still a nation of believers, new research shows. Like the American population, the demographics of those who believe in the dream have changed over time. But the majority of us still believe the U.S. is a place where anyone can achieve fame and fortune.

California College Produces Entrepreneurs by Degree

Nestled in Stanford's shadow down the road in Sunnyvale, Calif.,  Cogswell College has been spawning entrepreneurs since 1887. The tiny institution (entering Class of '15 numbered 45) will strengthen its entrepreneurial chops this fall with the launch of a new Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovations (MEI) program.