Larry Shover

Larry Shover

Larry Shover is a former derivatives trader turned portfolio fund manager with 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He is a frequent guest on FOX Business Network. He can be reached on Twitter at @LarryShover1.

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Sliding on Oil & Slipping on Greece

The year is new, datebooks are unmarked yet the market atmosphere remains disconcertingly similar to 2014.  Equity markets turn to “free-fall mode”, followed by countless contrived explanations as to “why”, only to be quickly ensued by a vicious, unadulterated, bounce back. 

Oil Optionality

Markets bask in reason and normalization – until we have such expect the energy complex to continue moving within a very broad and volatile trading range.

The Prodigals Paradigm or Prerogative

Until now, the U.S. dollar has never been on the verge of rallying against every global currency, and in today's environment, the challenge is to see the horizon through a blinding blizzard of information.