Doug Salvemini

Digital Reality: Changing how we interact with data

Following suit with the latest technologies outlined in Deloitte’s ninth annual Tech Trends report, digital reality—a mix of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality, 360°, and immersive technologies—is another disruptive technology previously anchored in the consumer world making a transition into the enterprise.

Creating a cognitive audit

Audits will soon be “augmented” by cognitive technologies, but it’s unlikely the profession will become fully automated and no longer need human intervention.

The progression of machine learning

It is becoming easier, faster, and cheaper for companies of every enterprise to implement machine learning—a data-fueled artificial intelligence technology used to detect patterns and anomalies, and make predictions.

A systematic approach to implementing cognitive technologies

Companies can often set themselves back years by taking the wrong approach to implementing technologies. Through their client experience, Deloitte has found that when senior executives feel pressured to transform their business, they encourage the company to simply “do something cognitive,” and implement a program without proper planning or internal knowledge.

The rise of cognitive work (re)design

Cognitive tools, relying on artificial intelligence, are considered one of the most disruptive technologies in today’s business climate.