Damon Schechter

How to Handle Online Holiday Sales

Entrepreneur Diary: E-commerce is expected to grow 13% this year, here's how your small business can take a slice of the pie.

Be Prepared: 3 Tips for Disaster Recovery

Entrepreneur Diary: Natural or man-made disasters can strike at any time, and it's important small businesses have a recovery plan in place before things start to go wrong.  

Does Motivation Scale With Your Business?

Entrepreneur Diary: As small businesses grow and mature, it's important owners take responsibility for motivating the team and recognizing when it's time to adapt and change standing procedures.  

2011 E-Commerce Predictions

Entrepreneur Diary: Since the market crash of 2008, stability has been replaced with volatility. But small businesses are doing what they do best: adapt and thrive. 

Hiring Tips and Tricks in a Chaotic Job Market

Staying upbeat in this current economic climate is tough. And some small business that are expanding are experiencing some growing pains, particularly when it comes to hiring.