Rob Reuteman

Small-Business Lending Wheels Feeling the Grease

Like most sectors of the economy, small business lending collapsed a year ago. In the fourth quarter  2008, the loan volume at SBA was off nearly 60% from a year earlier. Where is volume now?

Shark Attack Margaritas Make Big Splash in Liquor Market

The concept is simple: a frozen tube of margarita deliciousness that the over-21 crowd can enjoy. After overcoming numerous obstacles regarding regulations, distribution and production, sales for Shark Attack Margaritas took off. First Sam's Club called, followed by Wal-Mart. 

Failed Wedding Engagement Inspires New Business: is a Web site that sells rings and wedding dresses for couples who have changed their minds - charging buyers less than they’d pay for a new ring and paying sellers more than they’d make returning a ring to a jewelry store.

Does Made in the U.S.A. Spell R.I.P?

More and more small businesses are looking to bring manufacturing back home to the U.S., but they are running into problems getting financing to make the move.