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America Hooked on Zombies—But Why?

Zombies have got everyone talking these days, from lighter Zombie parades and relay races to talks of a zombie apocalypse across the blogosphere, sparked by last month’s brutal cannibal attack in Miami. So what’s got the country so hooked on the undead?

Will Americans Really be Able to Keep their Current Health Insurance in 2014?

Another insurer has withdrawn from the individual insurance market in California, and experts say this is becoming a nationwide trend. With the president’s exchange rollout in January 2014, insurers are deciding whether they want to continue as players within individual and group markets across the country.

Shortening College Time to Save Cash: Stunt or Real Solution?

While a number of schools are offering creative ways to cut down on college costs and get students out into the workforce on time, experts say nothing will take the place of prudent financial planning on behalf of parents and students.

ObamaCare: Penalties vs. Subsidies

A new report finds two million fewer Americans will be hit with a penalty for failing to enroll in health insurance than projected. These penalties help cover subsidies for the low-income, but will it matter?