Liza Porteus Viana

How Restaurants Are Using Social Media to Their Advantage

The food industry relies very heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations--making it important for small business owners in the field to join in and even start the conversation. And many are finding the best way to do this is with social media.

Don't See What You Need? Launch Your Own Product Line

Many businesses have started out of necessity: someone needed a product, couldn’t find it and decided to fill the market void themselves. But before launching your own company there are several questions wanna-be entrepreneurs should ask. 

Social Media Career Moms Say They Have it All

A multitude of women say they are finding that the skills honed in careers prior to having children - particularly if they have marketing, content, or communications backgrounds - are coming in handy when looking for ways to continue earning a paycheck while staying home with their children.

Should Your Pet Be Allowed in the Office?

While some say having pets around the home office provide a soothing element that keeps one sane when dealing with multiple deadlines and various other work stresses, others warn that one has to work to keep the animal distractions at a minimum to be productive. Is there a just-right balance?.