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Secrets to a Prepared Retirement

Boomers who are prepared for retirement describe themselves as optimistic overachievers who manage money conservatively.

Rethinking how 401(k)s Invest

If individuals could invest in their 401(k) plans like institutional money managers do in their pension plans, they'd get a better result, says a retirement expert.

How Big is Medicare Fraud?

The FBI estimates that in 2012, the cost of Medicare fraud ranged from $75 billion to $250 billion.

Wear Your Financial Halo Proudly

If your adult children think you are a financial genius, take advantage of it and offer them plenty of good advice.

Rewards of Living on Less

Living on just 15% less in retirement can make a big difference in how long your retirement income will last.

Saying no to long-Term Care

Buying long-term care insurance could deplete your savings without providing enough potential for benefit.