David Mielach

On Twitter and Facebook, Timing Can Be Everything

Businesses that hope to make the most of their social media campaigns may want to start checking their watches before they post. That is because new research reveals the best times to post to Facebook and Twitter. That research, by link shortener bitly, found that links posted in the afternoon between Monday and Thursday are clicked more than links posted at other times.

What Keeps Small Business Owners Up at Night?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have good reason for many of the sleepless nights they experience. New research has found that small business owners admit a number of things keep them up at night.

Worker Vacations Pose Security Risks for Businesses

Bosses may want to be careful what they wish for when it comes to expecting employees to work through their vacation. New research has found that workers are not accessing their work networks securely when they are on vacation.

IT Spending Growth Less Than Projected

Companies looking to stay up-to-date on the newest technologies will be spending less money in that area than experts originally expected, a new study shows.