Bonnie Lee

Why You Shouldn’t be Scared of the Tax Man

Don’t be scared of the taxman. Whatever your tax problem, there is a safe resolution. You only need to cooperate and meet the deadlines imposed set by the IRS once you finally make the call.

The Tax Implications of Buying a Home

The housing market is forecast to heat up this spring as more buyers enter the market, but they should know the tax liabilities of owning a home.

New Requirements for Tax Preparers

The IRS has outlined new regulations and standards for anyone collecting money for preparing tax returns. But the The Institute of Justice is calling foul. 

Why the IRS Picked You to Audit

There is no magic formula that determines which tax returns will get audited, but there are some issues that tend to catch Uncle Sam’s eye.

Health-Care and Your Taxes

If your business pays at least one-half the cost of health insurance coverage for your employees, you are eligible for a tax credit.