Al Lewis

Skip the Tip at Noodles & Co.

Kevin Reddy, chief executive of Noodles & Co., says one reason his restaurant chain keeps growing is that his customers don't have to leave a tip.

Fix the Debt? Try Fixing CEO Pay

The group pushing  to do something about runaway deficit spending, is loaded with highly compensated CEOs who know more about prosperity than austerity.

'Kick Me' Sign Becomes Federal Case for Intel

You would think a corporation the size of Intel would be schooled enough in the field of HR to prevent a "kick-me" sign from becoming a federal case. Maybe Intel tried.

No Admission. No Denial. No Justice.

Ratings companies were a leading cause of the 2008 financial crisis, yet five years later, they still can cop a guilt-free plea. That's why another financial crisis surely will happen again.

A Penny For Your Stock

Egghead, once the nation's largest software retailer went bankrupt in 2001, and Amazon picked up the pieces. Until Monday, its stock is still traded -- with a 52-week high of 34 cents a share.

Mr. Marvel Takes His Hand Off the Stick

If there's one thing Bill Marvel knows after 40 years of flying light aircraft, it's to never leave the controls of your plane to someone else. So why did he hand over control of his real estate investments to DBSI Inc., a company that went down with the market in 2008.

A J.C. Penney For Your Thoughts

In another economy, with more time and more money to burn, maybe former J.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson's plan would have worked.