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Should Insider Trading Be Legal?

Imagine a world in which insider trading is legal. The rules would be well-understood: Whoever gets the best information wins.

How to Advertise Your Hedge Fund

The SEC voted to lift an 80-year ban on hedge fund adverting, leaving some money managers to wonder, how do I advertise my hedge fund?

The Music Never Stops for Steinway

Steinway Musical Instruments Inc., the 160-year-old piano maker going private in a $438 million deal with Kohlberg & Co., still faces daunting competition from...itself.

No Admission. No Denial. No Justice.

Ratings companies were a leading cause of the 2008 financial crisis, yet five years later, they still can cop a guilt-free plea. That's why another financial crisis surely will happen again.

Here Lies Bank of America, Ex-Employees Allege

Several former Bank of America employees filed declarations in a federal court last week claiming the mortgage lender told them to lie to customers seeking loan modifications. The bank fired back, essentially calling them the liars.

Man of Steel vs. Ben Bernanke

Superman and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: Both calm in the face of global disasters. Both occasionally said to be from other planets. They have more in common than you might think.

A Penny For Your Stock

Egghead, once the nation's largest software retailer went bankrupt in 2001, and Amazon picked up the pieces. Until Monday, its stock is still traded -- with a 52-week high of 34 cents a share.

Baby Berkshire Growing Up Right

Piece by tiny piece, Thomas Gayner is building the next Berkshire Hathaway. He's the CIO and one of three presidents, of a company that you may not have heard about, Markel Corp.

The Kellogg Co. Meets Mr. Blood

Nobody goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Alpha-Bits don't teach kids how to spell. So why would anyone believe  Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats would improve the very limited attention spans of their sugar-addled children?