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When to claim children as dependents on your taxes

Updated 01/01/18 to reflect new amounts for 2017 tax season Parents with young adult children face a complicated decision when it comes to filing their taxes: should they be claimed as dependents?

How to Spend and Save Confidently for Retirement

A new survey shows only 20% of the workforce feeling financially secure enough to retire before 65. How can we right the retirement ship and ensure workers are saving enough to leave the workforce?

How to Create a Debt-Reduction Plan

Paying off your debts isn’t going to happen overnight, but you can speed up the process by strategizing a plan and sticking to it. Here are four tips for creating the most efficient reduction plan for your financial situation.

How to Loan Your Adult Child Money

Parents always want the best for their children, but experts warn that making loans to grown children without strict guidelines can cause dependency and ruin relationship.