Jeremy Kingsley

Ice-Cold Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl XLVIII

We all experience complications that weren't part of the plan. Some are predictable; others come out of nowhere. Aside from lying awake at night stressing out over all the things that can go wrong, there are strategies we can learn from the lead-up to the big game that will help us face our own extreme conditions

6 Back-to-School Lessons for Leaders

There’s something special about the first month of the school year. How can leaders take advantage of the back-to-school spirit?

Leadership 101 for Professionals (and Anthony Weiner)

We all deserve, and expect, an appropriate degree of privacy at home and work. And we all have things we’d rather keep to ourselves. But if there are areas of your life where the possibility of discovery leaves you feeling queasy—especially if you’re in a leadership position—this might be a good moment to ask yourself what integrity calls you to do.

Don’t Go to Work Without Your Passion

We talk about passion all the time, but few of us apply it to our job. And for business leaders, it could make all the difference in the workplace.

Leaders Eliminate Distractions to Stay On Task

Even the desire to work more effectively can become a distraction, as anyone who’s spent an afternoon at work looking at online productivity systems can attest. Here is advice.