Jeffrey Gangemi

6 Apps for Hard-Working Parents

From healthy dinners in a box, to digitally keeping track of children and more, combed the ranks of today’s startup community to find services aimed at making life easier on oft-overbooked parents. 

When it Comes to Business Models, If it Ain't Broke, Why Fix It?

A new marketplace quickly becoming saturated is nothing new--just think of how many daily deals websites have entered the scene since Groupon became a hit. And one German company has had great success replicating U.S. business models in other markets. 

When it Comes to Social Media, How Much Is Too Much?

A growing number of companies are emerging that focus on helping businesses automate their social media activities while also ensuring they don’t over message their audience, an increasingly common blunder that can lead to brand fatigue.  

How to Become a Growth Company in a Small Market

Growth companies are relatively rare outside the traditional tech hubs, but sometimes starting your business in a lesser-known area can allow entrepreneurs to fly under the radar until they are ready to become a force to be reckoned with. 

Spurring Revolution Through Competition

When you mix tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a passion to solve some of the biggest mysteries and problems on the globe new ideas flourish, and that is exactly what the people behind the X PRIZE Foundation want.