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4 Common Tax Filing Mistakes to Avoid

The tax filing system is long and complicated and time is running out before the April 15 deadline--here are four common mistakes that can land consumers in hot water with the IRS and how experts say to avoid them.

Masters Degrees: Are They Worth It?

A new report shows that master’s degree graduates in many fields realize significantly higher starting salaries than their counterparts who hold bachelor’s degrees. Here’s what higher degree hopefuls should consider when weighing out the pros and cons of going back to school.

When Student Loans Are Sold: What Borrowers Should Know

Both federal and private student loans can be sold to other lenders and organizations in a secondary market made up of state and private education organizations that specialize in buying and servicing student loans. Here's what borrowers should know and ask. 

Should You Get a Dog in College?

It may be tempting to get a dog while in school, but many students may not be factoring in the time and money that a four-legged companion requires. Here’s what pet experts say students need to consider before bringing Fido home.