Alex Davidson

SBA Taking Nominations for Entrepreneur of Year

Nominations for the SBA's Small Business Person of the Year, which come from every state and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, are due to local offices by Nov. 13.

Green-Thumb Truth Patrol Growing in Chicagoland

A green event-planning company in Chicago is making money transforming how clients hold weddings, celebrations, meetings and other big events. "Greeners" get clients on the right track, environmentally speaking.

5 Tips for Starting a Business in a Rough Economy

In slow economies, it is crucial that you have a business plan that can easily adapt to changing consumer and business appetites. Here are five tips on how to swim best in rough waters.

Five Tips to Avoid Layoffs During Tough Times

Pink slips usually go hand-in-hand with downturns. Not all small business owners know how to hold on to their workforce when faced with financial difficulties, but there are ways for companies to maintain payrolls and survive rough economic times.

How Much Did Big Banks Lend to Small Business in ’09?

Subprime lending was a leading factor in the collapse of the economy, and entrepreneurial advocates say small-business lending is crucial to its full resurrection. asked the nation’s big banks: how much did you give the “little guy” in 2009?