Princess Clark-Wendel

What to Do If You Owe the IRS

April 18 has come and gone, but many taxpayers are facing a large tax bill that they aren’t able to pay. But there are steps they can take to work with the IRS to develop a payment plan.

Financial Steps to Take Before Walking Down the Aisles

Don’t let financial fights be a burden in your marriage. Couples need to first understand each other’s attitudes and concerns about money and then develop a plan to organize their financial affairs.

The 3 Deadly Perils of D-I-Y Financial Planning

Financial planning doesn’t have to be a scary process, but doing it yourself without a little research and preparation can lead your budget to a pretty scary place. Here are three mistakes to avoid when practicing do-it-your-self financial planning and investing.

How to Save on College Tuition

When it comes to paying for tuition, there are a variety of innovative payment plans available to students and their families.