Kathryn Buschman Vasel

Tips for Picking the Right College Major

Choosing the right college major can make a big difference in students' career prospects and earnings potential, so here’s what experts recommend college students take into consideration when declaring their major. 

5 Myths About Black Friday You Shouldn’t Believe

Black Friday deals can bring about significant savings -- but that doesn't mean everything you pick up that day is the lowest price. Here's your guide on how to be a smart shopper amidst the chaos of the sales frenzy. 

Generation Gap: Who's Oversharing Online?

The ever-growing realm of social media has created generation gaps in how people view privacy online. But some research shows that it’s the younger and more web-savvy crowd that is taking action to manage accounts.

Health-Care Ruling: Who Wins, Who Loses

The sweeping reform has dominated the political landscape and campaign trail. Here's a breakdown of the industry's winners and losers under potential Supreme Court decisions.