Jim Blasingame

7 Ways to Cut Yourself Some SLACC in 2015

Knowing how difficult, not to mention annoying, resolutions can be, there’s a different way to kick off the new year in your small business. I call it Strategic Look At Critical Components, or SLACC, for short.

What Target Did Right in Canada

Arguably the hardest decision any small business owner faces is when to end a business pursuit, whether a product, an acquisition, or the mother of all anguishing decisions – to close the business. Here is what you can learn from Target.

Successful Negotiators Don’t Fall in Love

When you’re purchasing a small business, leasing an office, hiring an employee, selling a product, or trying to get a two-year-old to take one more bite of peas--here are things to keep in mind.

Selling Services? Think Price Not Wages

Unfortunately, pricing a service is not as intuitive as a tangible product. Consequently, service businesses too often don’t charge enough to sustain themselves profitably. Here is advice.